CSAC Members and Associates


The Centre for Social Anthropology and Computing (CSAC) aims to advance 'ordinary' anthropology through the exploration, development and application of computational approaches to research problems across the range of anthropology including the humanities, social sciences and sciences. CSAC is presently part of HRAF Advanced Research Centres (hrafARC), affiliated with the Human Relations Area Files, Yale University.


Current Research Fellows

  • Sally Applin (Automation, Algorithms, IoT, Processes, Interaction)
  • Marcela Olmedo (Agricultural Knowledge Ecology)
  • Amy Hinsley (Online Wildlife Crime)
  • Lydia Yeo (Online Wildlife Crime)
  • Teferi Degeneh (Writing Oromo)
  • Kahir Abdul (Contemporary Interaction with Ancient Artefacts, Madagascar)


 (Direct role in research or proposed research/workshops/meetings) 

  • Stephen Lyon (Durham)
  • Sukaina Bharwani (Stockholm Environment Institute, Oxford)
  • Dwight Read (UCLA)
  • Douglas White (UC Irvine)
  • Russell Bernard (U Florida)
  • Murray Leaf (UT Dallas)
  • Carol Ember (Yale/HRAF)
  • Daniel Sosna (U. West Bohemia) 
  • Gerald McCormack (Cook Islands Natural Heritage)
  • Cathy Cantwell (Kent)
  • Melissa Demian (Independent)
  • Rob Mayer (Oxford)
  • Miguel Alexiades (Kent)
  • Alan Bicker (hrafARC EU Director)
  • Roy Ellen (Kent)
  • Dario Novellino (Kent)
  • Miguel Alcalde (LSE)

External associates whose research involves the Centre

  • Sonia Vougioukalou (Bristol)
  • Simon Platten (Independent)
  • Francine Barone (HRAF, Yale)
  • Maria Kokolaki (Ministry of Education, Greece)
  • Graham Coleman (Tibetan Audio Archives)
  • Bert Little (Louisville)
  • Claudio Cioffi-Revilla (George Mason University)
  • Keith Walker (Royal College of Art)
  • David Kronenfeld (UC Riverside)
  • Michael Schucking (Tarleton)
  • M. Ehsan Ahktar (Pakistan Institute of Agricultural Research)

In Memoriam

  • Paul Stirling
  • John Bousfield
  • Neville Colclough
  • Jeremy Kemp
  • Tayyab Yazdani Malik
  • Nick Ryan
  • Janet Bagg
  • John Davis
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