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Resources for Anthropological Computing

Possible Topics

  • Bibliography Software - Endnote and other options. References from the web to Endnote. Controlling styles. Using Endnote for other purposes, e.g.  fieldwork database. 
  • Using Spreadsheets for Research Applications - Spreadsheets for data entry, management and analysis. Somewhat advanced applications. Spreadsheets as a multimedia platform.
  • Basic Multimedia tools for fieldwork
  • Using and producing online video (YouTube, Google Video etc.)
  • Text Analysis (fieldnotes, interviews etc.)
  • SPSS and other statistics packages
  • Social Network analysis
  • Fieldnote management and organisation
  • Palm-top computing


KNeTs- Knowledge Elicitation Tools - Knowledge elicitation tools (KnETs) is a set of methods and tools developed by the authors since 2000, the basis of a number of resource management and livelihood research projects of the Stockholm Environment Institute. KnETs includes baseline ethnographic identification of local classifications, interactive scenario based data collection, induction of decision rules though pattern extraction, participatory review of these rules creating an 'expert system', and agent-based models employing these production rules, 

Cook Islands Biodiversity and Ethnobiological Database - http://cibedev.scizone.net

Legal Innovation in PNG - Kotbilongolgeta

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